10 Secret and fantastic things can be used with Coca Cola


Coca-cola–the uber famous drink which according to studies comes second after the world “hello”  in popularity, is just as famous for its unhealthy reputation as well as its has been proven multiple times that it’s one of the worst drinks one can consume for their health.

As a matter of fact the mixture of chemicals it contains messes up your metabolism and it’s extremely acidic–just as acidic as a battery so imagine. This infamous fizzy drink has been linked for years with many health issues like heart issues, stomach problems, asthma, diabetes, stroke, etc. and is especially toxic for minors whose systems aren’t developed yet.

Not only that, coca-cola can be intensively addicting as well and interfere with the absorption if vital minerals from your body like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

It may sound a bit bizarre, but its main use should actually be prohibited–still there are some others uses of the drink besides drinking it and if you left with a pack of coca-colas that you don’t feel like drinking, here is what you can do them instead:


As a pesticide. Yep, it might sound weird but in India, they actually use coca cola as a cheaper alternative to pesticides in some farms, even though it is not advertised that way. They say that due to its high sugar and acidic content, it can help ward off pests–a claim that officially the company denies but some Indian farmers think otherwise.


Rust treatment. If you are looking for a way to loosen up some rust off an object, simply dip to a bowl of coca cola or if the object is larger than that, you can use a cloth dipped in coca cola to scrub it off instead. The rust will slide off more easily this way.


Dishwasher. If you have just a little dish liquid left but a lot of dirt and grime to get rid of your cookware e.g blackened pots, make a wash with your liquid and some coca cola and then pour over the affected dishes/cookwear.The acids it contains can help lift up the grime more efficiently.


Insect pain calmer. In case you are in the wild and got stuck by an insect or plant, which we all know is painful, you can pour some coca-cola over the spot to help ease your pain and discomfort. Not sure if this will get rid of redness or swelling but it will help calm down the pain.


Hair gum remover. If your hair’s stuck with gum and you can’t figure a way to remove it other than trying to pull it off or cutting your hair with scissors, try spraying the spot with coca cola. Let it work its magic for a few minutes and voila–gum is removed.


Color fader. If you have mistakenly dyed your hair darker than intended, a great inexpensive way to fade it off to something lighter and natural, is to use coca cola instead. If you leave the mixture to your hair for a few minutes and then shampoo and rinse as usual, it will lift some of the color pigments off–just don’t leave it too much as it may damage your hair.


Bug Killer. Bugs like us, love the taste of Coca Cola–but little do they know that it is a poison for them that almost acts the same way as most bug and insect killers. If these little unwanted visitors pop up from random places, spray these with coca-cola so that they try it and get exterminated.


Window polisher. Coca cola has actually multiple cleaning uses if we think about it–another one of these uses is cleaning our windows, due to the fact that it contains citric acid.Just like windex, you can spray this on your windows and use  a paper or cloth to polish up your windows.


As a stain removal. Since not everyone has a fancy stain remover in their cabinet (not to mention that it costs more, a great alternative would be to use Coca Cola in the washing machine combined with your regular detergent. The acids it contains can help effectively break down any stains as well as get rid of nasty smells.


Bog polishing agent. Run out of toilet cleaner? No worries, coca-cola can fix it and make the tedious task of cleaning up your toilet much easier. To make this work, you’ll need to pour a can of it in the commode, wait till it fizzes well, take your brush and scrub, and flush–voila, a sparkly clean toilet surface in an instant.

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