25 Secret Tips and Tricks For Organize Fridge in Your House

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Looking through this list, I’m actually a little excited about our new fridge! There are some CLEVER people out there who really know how to stay organized! For example, I think these might be some of the smartest uses of binder clips I’ve seen!

And even if you have no intention of keeping your fridge organized, you can enjoy the beauty of these perfectly organized fridges. The perfectionist in me LOVES to see all the perfectly lined up fridge shelves, even though I know mine will be a mess the first time I shove a tupperware full of leftovers in there. Here’s what refrigerator dreams are made of…

25 –

Big Red Kitchen

Save space by storing food in mason jars instead of bulky plastic containers.

24 –

The Seaside Bohemian

Keep a list of what leftovers are in the fridge and what’s expiring soon to reduce the amount of waste.

23 –


Use magnets to keep bottles neatly organized and out of the way.

22 –

Stockpiling Moms

Make it easy for the kids (or you) to grab a snack by making a snack zone in your fridge.

21 –

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Store your condiment bottles upside down in egg cartons.

20 –

Made Everyday

Glue magnets to plastic cups and store them on the fridge to help keep the counters uncluttered.

19 –


Use a cheap wire rack to add an extra shelf and double your storage space.


18 –

Organizing with a Side of Fabulous

Use binder clips to hang bags of frozen fruits and vegetables in the freezer. 

17 –

I Heart Organizing

Make it easy to access your fruit by placing a basket in the crisper drawer.

16 –


Get in the habit of using an “Eat Me First” bin and fill it with of all of the items that are about to expire. Save money and reduce your waste. 

15 –

Chiot’s Run

Use the front of the fridge as a whiteboard to keep track of what’s inside.

14 –


Use binder clips to help keep bottles neatly stacked on their sides.

13 –

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Use fridge liners to help keep things clean. When they get dirty, just peel them off.

12 –

Rant Chic

Use a lazy susan to make it easy to access all of your condiments. 

11 –

The Virtuous Wife

Use Press N Seal wrap to line the shelves in the fridge. Peel it off and replace it whenever it gets dirty.

10 –


Keep those cardboard six pack containers and use them to keep the fridge door organized.

9 –

Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!

Use pull out plastic bins on the fridge shelves to make it easy to see what you have. 

8 –

Chez Larsson

Fit more on the fridge door by using inexpensive squeeze bottles for all of your condiments.

7 –

If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done

Organize the freezer with reusable fabric shopping bags.

6 –

Aunt Peaches

Use dollar store magazine holders to add instant shelves to your freezer.

5 – 

Four Generations One Roof

Use clear plastic bins to stay organized.

4 – 

One Crazy House

Use bins in the freezer to keep things organized.

3 –

The Social Home

Store your food in perfectly sized containers to maximize the storage space in your fridge. Don’t forget the pretty labels.

2 –

The Kurtz Corner

Use chalkboard paint on the outside of the fridge. Then you can write down what’s inside, keep track of your shopping list, or just treat it like a command center for the house. 

1 –

Tatertots & Jello

Turn your small plastic containers into magnets to easily store your nuts, seeds and other items that normally come in small plastic bags.

source : one little project


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