Improve Your Mobile speeds 4G Immediately With These Tips and Tricks

In the past few days, the discussion on the 4G Internet is very strong., But the status of the Internet is the same as before. Even if you use 4G but do not get the speed, let us know how to increase the speed of the 4G Internet in the phone.

– 4G speed

First of all, it is certainly to know why 4G speed is so slow? Let us tell you that in any case of Internet slowdown, the service provider company is not responsible. There are many reasons for this. Such as phone settings, charge on the network, network cable quality …

– Fiber cable

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If the fiber cable is used instead of the copper cable in your area, the network will be good and the speed will also be available. Learn to increase the speed in the next slide.

– Check network settings

If your Internet Slow is running, first check the phone settings. Go to Network Settings in the phone settings and select the preferred 4G or LTE network type.


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Also check the network access point (APN) settings in the network settings because the correct APN for speed is important. Go to the APN settings menu and set the default setting.

Source : amarujala

– Download Apps to Boost your Phone Performance :
You must installed applications that remove declutter or delete duplicate files to keep the phone in its best working state. There are many performance enhancers.

Install Ad Blocker :
Ads have a lot of resources. Not only does the processing power, but they chew a bunch of your mobile data every month, for that there are web browsers that blocks advertisements. You will use it instead of your default web browser and it will keep your web pages ad-free. Find the AdBlock browser on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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